Hunger Strike Update 5/5

Yesterday evening, the hunger strikers submitted a finalized set of demands to Chancellor Birgeneau and the UC Berkeley campus administration. Administrators have expressed interest in talking about the demands. Thus, WE NEED YOU OUT THERE TODAY!

Here is what you can do right now to help the strike:

  • Come by to CA Hall at any time during the day or night we are there at ALL TIMES
  • Change your facebook status to:
  • “I’M SUPPORTING THE HUNGER STRIKE AND YOU SHOULD TOO! Stop by in front of California Hall any time, rally at 7pm! Sign the petition to make Birgeneau come out against racial profiling and for freedom of speech at”
  • Volunteer to be part of a committee: Outreach, health/support, media, or security
  • Donate water, lemons, tea, hot water, blankets, cash, flashlights, etc
  • Take a shift to pass out fliers and get the word out! this is the best way to help right now!
  • Come to the 7pm rallies with words to share
  • GET THE WORD OUT facebook, twitter, blogs, one on one conversations, call your families and friends
  • Send letters to the Chancellor saying you support us and our struggle by taking 30 seconds to sign our petition at:
  • As always, change your facebook profile picture to (CLICK FOR FULL SIZE):


About nodiplomacy

nodiplomacy is a graduate student in some department thinking critically about race, gender, and current systems of oppression.
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