Faculty Petition for Immediate Negotiations

As of right now, two dozen faculty have signed our letter in support of immediate negotiations.

Email a link to the form to your professors: https://spreadsheets0.google.com/viewform?hl=en&formkey=dGNzU0JXalp1UWs2ckFSNmlheTZhc2c6MQ

Here is an email template:

Dear Cal Faculty,

We are writing this email to urge you to support immediate good-faith negotiations to end the current student hunger strike against Arizona’s SB1070, a law that legalizes racial profiling, and HB 2881, a bill that outlaws ethnic studies. Students on our campus are organizing against these bills on our campus in front of California Hall with the understanding that, through the decisions made by administrators over the years, the logic behind these bills thrives on our campus.

At this point, student strikers have not eaten for 4 days. We are not asking you to sign on to our demands. Rather, we are asking faculty to sign on to a petition that calls for immediate good-faith negotiations between administrators and strike organizers.

Please sign on to our faculty petition at: http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dGNzU0JXalp1UWs2ckFSNmlheTZhc2c6MQ

To see news footage of the strike click here: http://www.ktvu.com/video/23447741/index.html

We would greatly appreciate it if you could sign the letter and forward this email to other faculty.

If you support the demands of the hunger strikers, your presence at our camp in front of California Hall would mean a lot to us.

Thank you,


About nodiplomacy

nodiplomacy is a graduate student in some department thinking critically about race, gender, and current systems of oppression.
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