Police Intimidation

As usual, UC Chancellor Birgeneau and Vice Chancellor Breslauer called in the police to be the negotiating team with students instead of meeting directly with the student, worker, faculty coalition.

One student organizer was threatened by UCPD Officer McWilliams (badge number 72). As McWilliams crumpled up a student banner, he said “I hope you like the face of the devil, because you’re going to be looking at it. The fucking cavalry is coming.”

About nodiplomacy

nodiplomacy is a graduate student in some department thinking critically about race, gender, and current systems of oppression.
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1 Response to Police Intimidation

  1. lopez says:

    I agree the officer was out of line, but I also know that the “f” bomb was not used please care how you report.And also keep in mind how much students complain about budget cuts ect but here they are causing mandatory over time for these policeman some who had been on shift for over 16 hrs !! Also I am Mexican and have very different views from the protesters but since this community is so left sided and only their views count we are seldom heard.What do you expect, that when a large crowd attempts to take over for the police to say “oh sure take over” we need order we need the peace kept. You may have your beliefs but things can get out of control, safety must come first. Safety for all.

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