Hunger Strike in Mexican Media: Comienzan en EU ayunos contra la ley cazamigrantes

Estudiantes de la Universidad de California en Berkeley y un activista latino se declaran en huelga de hambre; demandan nombrar el campus santuario de indocumentados y advierten que llegarán hasta lo último.

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Chancellor Birgeneau Refuses to Compromise, Strike Continues

Chancellor Birgeneau and Vice Chancellor Breslauer have made it clear that student safety and health is not a priority to them. On Monday, May 10th, dozens of UCPD and Alameda County Police officers were deployed at California Hall and refused to allow strikers access to water when they needed it as well as the ability to pitch a tent in order to keep themselves out of the rain.

Furthermore, despite presenting the chancellor with a reasonable compromise guaranteeing that dry strikers would start drinking water Monday night and guaranteeing that the hunger strike would end Tuesday in exchange for a meeting, the chancellor refused to accept any compromise to put this matter to rest. Chancellor Birgeneau continues to jeopardize the health of student strikers and despite eight days without food, a faculty petition in support of immediate negotiations, and a day of mass sit-ins at California Hall and University House, he still refuses to negotiate in good faith. Throughout this entire strike, peaceful student protesters have shown a willingness to compromise to bring this situation to an end while Chancellor Birgeneau, Vice Chancellor Breslauer and their staffers have expressed a failure to compromise, to speak respectfully to our negotiators, and understand the struggles of the students on strike.

Birgeneau’s handling of this situation serves as an example of the kind of racist and classist logics that university administrators use to marginalize, control and instill terror in students workers, and faculty on our campus. The fact that students and workers who find themselves terrorized in the wake of heartless budget cuts, hate crimes at UC campuses across the state and racist legislation, can’t get a simple meeting with the Chancellor of our university to make concrete reforms to make our campus more inclusive is an outrage. But this is why we are engaged in this struggle. We understand that Arizona’s racism is alive and well here on our campus. Birgeneau’s treatment of our solidarity coalition underscores the systemic marginalization that the hunger strikers are trying to end at Cal and in our country. Birgeneau’s actions not only validate the need for direct action, they strengthen our resolve.

So, the strike continues. There are now eight dry strikers and a growing list of solidarity hunger strikers. We call on supporters to join in solidarity with a hunger strike tomorrow. There is a rally tomorrow at 3:30PM. We continue to request immediate negotiations with Birgeneau and Breslauer and an immediate and peaceful end to the strike. We hope that Birgeneau and Breslauer can find it within their conscience to do the right thing and compromise, negotiate, and understand the struggles of the student strikers.

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Police Intimidation

As usual, UC Chancellor Birgeneau and Vice Chancellor Breslauer called in the police to be the negotiating team with students instead of meeting directly with the student, worker, faculty coalition.

One student organizer was threatened by UCPD Officer McWilliams (badge number 72). As McWilliams crumpled up a student banner, he said “I hope you like the face of the devil, because you’re going to be looking at it. The fucking cavalry is coming.”

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Birgneau and Breslauer Deny Hunger Strikers’ Access to Water

Despite Breslauer and Birgeneau’s talking point that they care about the safety of students, they are denying strikers access to water.

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Videos from today

They have to hold the tent up because Breslauer an Birgeneau won’t let them keep the tent up. Thy say they care about the safety of the hunger strikers, but would rather have them out in the rain than under a tent.

After a week long vacation in Europe, Birgeneau still refuses to meet with students demanding an inclusive campus.

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UC Berkeley police bust up hunger strike encampment

For immediate release,
May 10, 2010

UC Berkeley Police forcefully take down hunger strike encampment as Chancellor returns from trip to Europe

After 170 hours without food, strikers vow to continue until demands met

When: Now, Monday May 10th
Where: California Hall on UC Berkeley Campus
Visuals: dozens of supporters, hunger strikers forced dispersal of encampment.

BERKELEY, CA— At 6am UC Police arrived at the site of the 7 day-old  hunger strike with an order to disperse the encampment or face arrest.

This all comes as UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau, who has been traveling in Europe during the duration of the strike, returns today to face the strikers for the first time. Many had criticized the Chancellor for not returning earlier to work to resolve the situation, though it appears the administration’s techniques have taken a more forceful turn as with the Chancellor’s return. Hunger strikers, visibly weak after fasting for over 170 hours, are currently struggling to take down the camp.

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